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Penelope P. Wilson


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U.S. Forest Service

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Jennifer Speers

Partridge Foundation

Judy Buechner Advised Fund

Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association

The Topfield Foundation, Inc.

The Springfield Foundation

Society of American Foresters

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Albert W. Merck

Suzanne Wilson

L. Heart Foundation

Josephine A. Merck

Forest Resources Association

Diana & George Pickering

Colin and Paula Cabot

Elizabeth Merck

Appalachian Society of American Foresters

University of Georgia - Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources


Additional support by

Penn State University - Mont Alto Campus

The Biltmore Company

D. Bryce O’Brien

Bill & Sandy Berry

University of Montana - College of Forestry

Bond Starker

George K. Schenck

David Altshuler

O’Connor-Wetzel Family

Bradley Rawlings

Charles & Carol VanOver

Franklin Forestry Associates

James J. Zaczek

L. Michael Kelly

Randall Stratton

Rebecca J. Slack

Tom Trembath

Walter L. Cook Jr.

Conrad J. Franz

Frank and Judith Miller

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes

Lang Hornthal

Association of Consulting Foresters

Brooks Mendell

Dennis L. Lynch

Dwight L. Stewart Jr. & Associates, LLC

Forest Resource Consultants, Inc.

Gladys M. Rost

Greg L. Hay

Joe Fox

John A. Pitcher

John W. Krieg

Julie Dunlap

Marc A. Walley

Martha Higgins

Michael Yaker

Patricia Gaston

Susan L. Flader

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests

Tom Norton

Alan M. Robertson, PE

Dana C. Gorzelany-Mostak

James M. Lee

Jeffrey K. Stine

Kathy Cox & Tim Rowles

Barbara Cushing

Christina Bolgiano

James Gray

Joan Golden

Robin E. Lewis

Starling W. Childs II

Dale N. Bosworth

Damian Santomauro

David Govatski

Guy Amoresano

James S. Hufford

John A. Morabito

Katy Pan

Lynne Heasley

Peter Torcicollo

Rachel A. Rosengarten

Robert G. Healy

Sandra Cooke

Susan Townsend

Valerie Jean Conner

Brian R. Payne

Lee E. Huss

Peter Linehan

Raymond E. Carnley

Amelia Brackett

John M. Angst

Donna M. Hanson




George Merck and Dr. Carl Schenck share a toast

during Dr. Schenck's 1951 tour of America.